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Some Rows Not Updating in Database View

Totally random but some rows are not updating in the database view. For instance: the two middle rows are not updating in this database view but the first and last are: https://noteforms.com/views/active-supplements-by-project-manager-xnb5qw?relation=eb316462d37c453ea2dd512bedace032Look at the "Sims" row and see how it compares to the notion values (see screenshot). Given that we disconnected the workspace in a bunch of different ways and then reconnected, I think that should have fixed it right. This is regarding all the issues I had yesterday and how we finally got this workspace reconnected on the noteforms side. Any ideas as it is making for a bunch of my clients emailing thinking we have not been ontop of their jobs. Thanks!

Matt Boettger 24 days ago


🐞 Bug