Dropdowns Field from Relational Database is not showing in Database View's EDIT/UPDATE RECORD

In order to reproduce this issue, you will have to create 3 database like below:
1. School Database
2. Students Database
3. Class Database

- Students Database is connected to Forms (Create a new form > I already have a Notion Database) --- the link here is to be called "Student Registration Form"
- Student Database is linked to School Database via "Relation" property.
- Student Database is linked to Class Database via "Relation" property.
- A unique link of students for each school is created through Database View > Dynamic Filtering, where Allow Update Record is turned on --- this is to be called "Student List View"
- Student can register their own information through Student Registration Form selecting which School and Class they want to register.
- School, through the unique link, can view the Students that have registered and to which Class they registered to.

The dropdown of Class List connected to the Class Database is showing in the Student Registration Form, however, when accessed through the Edit button in the Student List View, the dropdown doesn't show anything, hence it is not possible for School to edit the Class of each student when Class changes is necessary.

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🐞 Bug


About 2 months ago


Maju Bersama

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